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Allison LaFleur

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I’ve always been a writer, and couldn’t be happier to turn my passion into a thriving career, sharing my stories with you. Explore, here you will find my work, current pieces, stories and series I am working on, and even books I'm collaborating on with other authors. I invite you to poke around, see what is happening in my world, and ask me questions! Enjoy!

A Bit About Me

My Story

I love to explore new places and meet new people. When I'm not writing, you can often find me on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean, hiking volcanoes or the Appalachian Trail, traveling through South America, watching the wild ponies in the southwest, or searching for bald eagles in Alaska with my trusty Nikon in tow.


I live in the Florida Keys with my family, and many evenings you’ll find me watching the sunset over the ocean, searching for the green flash. It's eluded me up to now, but I keep hoping.


My love of art, music, medicine, and the outdoors have guided not only my career but also her writing. I hope that love comes through to my readers, can you spot it?


Want to connect with me? Great! I love to hear from my readers.


You can find me on Facebook, GoodReads, and Amazon, or simply send an email to allison@allisonlafleur.com.

"Learn To Do It Yourself First."

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