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MASON: Bachelors Incorporated, Book 1

She's a daddy's girl. He's a solitary billionaire. When their jet crashes in the jungle, will surviving certain death lead to love?


CEO, Mason Alexander shouldn't look at his cute secretary that way... but alone, lost in the jungle, with only each other to depend on, will survival lead to love?


DAMON: Bachelors Incorporated, Book 2

She’s an unemployed chef. He’s an overworked CEO. When the storm hits, will a love born in a hurricane last a lifetime?


Harper's life is in shambles and CEO, Damon North, might just be her way out. Taking the job on his private yacht, she wasn’t prepared for the storm that would leave them alone and adrift in the middle of the ocean.


LIAM: Bachelors Incorporated, Book 3

She’s a rising rock star. He’s a damaged military sharpshooter. When a stalker strikes, will Liam be fast enough to save her?


NOAH: Bachelors Incorporated, Book 4

She's a secretary, stuck in an abusive home. He's a trust fund billionaire determined to make it on his own. When Lena is sent to work for the boss, neither is prepared for the sparks that fly, or the danger they unleash.


RYDER: Bachelors Incorporated, Book 5

She’s a woman making her way in a traditionally man’s world. He’s a decorated agent. When an explosion rips through Vegas, can they combine their detective skills in time to stop the killer terrorizing the city?


LUKE: Bachelors Incorporated, Book 6

She’s escaping the corporate world. He’s an exhausted ER doc helping out a friend. When a hurricane rips through their tropical getaway, will it be their salvation, or the end of them both?


Jace: Bachelors Incorporated, A Novella

Friends to Lovers has never seemed so hot! Photographer Olivia Hadley will do anything for the perfect shot. Jace Carlton needs time away. When his sister backs out of a weekend backpacking trip in Zion National Park, Jace and Olivia decide to go together. When things turn deadly Jace must race to save Olivia. Will this hero get his girl? Or will nature claim her?


Ben: A Christmas Novella, Book 7

Sparks and bullets fly in this fast-paced, steamy romance. Bodyguard to a mafia don's daughter, special ops soldier Ben Wolfe never expected to fall for the beautiful, naive Selena Bianchi when he took the last minute assignment over Christmas. Faced with black tie galas, kidnappings and gun fights through historic Venice, Italy, Ben must use every specialized skill he possesses set to protect the woman of his dreams.

Mafia Don's daughter Selena Bianchi. Special Ops soldier Ben. Christmas in Italy. What could possibly go wrong?



Wilder: A Christmas Novella, Book 8

Mob assassin or drug kingpin? Reclusive billionaire Wilder Clark is an enigma to his hometown. Hiding himself away in a remote cabin with his dog Max, this Christmas will be spent like any other--alone and buried in his work.

Eccentric artist Nora Martinez is late to Christmas dinner with her family, and extreme winter weather conditions aren’t helping. Nursing her jalopy along is always a challenge, but icy roads and whiteout conditions make the difficult potentially deadly.

When a freak snowstorm sends Nora crashing into Wilder’s life, will sparks fly or is this billionaire hiding a dangerous secret?

Mark: A Novella, Book 9

She's a penniless orphan. He's a brilliant scientist. Will spilled beer lead to love, or will the seedy underbelly of Dublin end their future before it starts?

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