MASON: Bachelors Incorporated, Book 1

Is this a mistake? Will working for Mason anger my father? 

Studying him across the table, Mason could have modeled for Calvin Klein. He was that hot. His square jaw, shadowed by a layer of stubble, reminded me of the lead singer of a rock band. His features were sharp, and he had a few gray strands peeking out from a full head of thick black hair. Under his designer suit was a sculpted physique.

Mason exuded a subtle power. He looked at me with an intensity and confidence that I found myself helplessly drawn to.

Closing my eyes, I could still feel those powerful muscles rippling under my fingers. Stumbling and landing in the arms of the stranger who tried to run me over on his way out of the elevator had been a stroke of delicious luck. 

As we dined, my thoughts betrayed me and I kept thinking of how he’d held me that morning with his strong hands. His long fingers would have been perfect for playing a grand piano… or a woman.

DAMON: Bachelors Incorporated, Book 2

I stood a minute looking out the porthole at the bright water. Damon had been so gallant, protecting me from Nigel’s advances, taking my elbow as we boarded the boat. Did he like me?

Now he sat barefoot with his shirt unbuttoned and the wind messing his dark hair. I could feel a magnetic pull, an animal attraction to such a prime male specimen.

No, no. I couldn’t let my mind wander there. This is strictly professional. I would serve as his personal chef for one week only, two at the most. I would wow Damon and leave with a good reference when we returned. I was done with men for a while. I needed time to get past the disaster with Nigel. I had learned my lesson and there would be no mixing work with pleasure. 

Not anymore. Not for this girl.

LIAM: Bachelors Incorporated, Book 3

Glancing back in the cabin, I thought about the man inside. I admired his broad shoulders, the muscles of his back outlined under the tight black t-shirt he wore. It was tucked into his black cargo pants, revealing his narrow waist and hips above his long muscular legs. Liam was hot. Smoking hot. 

Here I was, hiding in a cabin with a sexy special ops soldier. And I was single. He hadn’t received one call from a woman in the whole time I’d known him, so he must be too. 

I cocked my head and looked back at the house again thinking about the shadow stalking me. My pulse started racing, and my hands shook as a chill crept up my spine.

Maybe I should have listened to Liam from the beginning. Maybe he was right. Maybe someone really was after me.

NOAH: Bachelors Incorporated, Book 4

“No fraternization with the bosses” was rule number one. No matter how cute he was, I couldn’t risk my job. I wouldn’t jeopardize my one chance to escape my life by dating my boss. 

He was watching me. Not only was I the youngest secretary on the third floor, but Mr. Hendrix was the only man under forty in company management. I thought about his looks—the way that one lock of hair curled over his forehead, his aquiline profile, those broad shoulders—and then I shut down that train of thought.

He really was a nice guy. Why can’t I find a guy like him to whisk me away from my sucky life?

No man had ever shown me tenderness. Not one. Life with my father was hard fists and harsh words. Men outside the family either ignored me or showed unwanted attention with catcalls and roaming hands. 

Occasionally, I had heard of a girl here hitting the jackpot and her boss marrying her, but most of the time the boss had his fun, and the girl got fired. That would not be me. Not this girl. No way.


RYDER: Bachelors Incorporated, Book 5

What the hell did we do last night?

That’s when I noticed, wrapped around the third finger of my left hand, a diamond encrusted platinum band winking in the mirror at me.

Exactly how drunk was I last night?

On the top of the dresser sat an envelope. I approached, reaching one shaky hand out to grasp it and slide out the folded paper inside. I closed my eyes for a second, before opening them, and unfolding the paper. There it was in black and white, my name, Zoe Ann De Lacy joined Ryder Adam West in holy matrimony, as of 4 o’clock this morning.


The man sleeping face down in my bed. The man I had clearly enjoyed multiple times last night, Ryder West, was my husband. I held my left hand up in front of me. At least he had good taste. The delicate rock on my finger was no Las Vegas $199 Elvis wedding special, it had to have set him back a pretty penny. 

“You coming back to bed?” A sleepy voice rumbled from somewhere among the covers in the king sized bed.


“Hmmm?” I looked away from the evidence of our marriage, noticing his broad shoulders again.

“I don’t know what the hell happened last night,” he rolled over, muscles across those shoulders and back rippling, and shaded his eyes from the weak light from the bathroom. This left a gorgeous set of six pack abs on display, and a tantalizing trail of dark hair leading south. I salivated or tried too, my mouth dry as the sahara after too much tequila. “but I need another couple hours of sleep before you tell me and I need to regret it.”


LUKE: Bachelors Incorporated, Book 6

I watched this big, gorgeous doctor, lose all use of his left arm as he stayed completely still, not wanting to wake the tiny, sleeping puppy. One side of his handsome face creased from the pillow, but the marks couldn’t hide his strong jaw, a hint of stubble sprinkled across it, making this gentle healer look both sexy and dangerous.

"What do we do when the storm hits?”

He plopped the sleeping puppy in my lap and stretched, running his fingers through his hair. I had to blink twice, realizing that without the white coat and baggy scrub top, he was hot! Barefoot in just a white t-shirt and low slung scrub pants after his shower, his broad shoulders, narrow hips and tight abs were on display. “I guess we make it up as we go along, kinda like we have been doing.” He glanced up at the TV again, temporarily on mute.

“That doesn't make me feel real confident we're gonna survive this.” I watched the silent weatherman, reading the updates scrolling across the bottom, and watching the apocalyptic waves filmed already reaching the coast.

Jace: Bachelors Incorporated, A Novella

Friends to Lovers has never seemed so hot! Photographer Olivia Hadley will do anything for the perfect shot. Jace Carlton needs time away. When his sister backs out of a weekend backpacking trip in Zion National Park, Jace and Olivia decide to go together. When things turn deadly Jace must race to save Olivia. Will this hero get his girl? Or will nature claim her?


Wilder: Bachelors Incorporated, A Christmas Novella, Book 8

Mob assassin or drug kingpin? Reclusive billionaire Wilder Clark is an enigma to his hometown. Hiding himself away in a remote cabin with his dog Max, this Christmas will be spent like any other--alone and buried in his work.

Eccentric artist Nora Martinez is late to Christmas dinner with her family, and extreme winter weather conditions aren’t helping. Nursing her jalopy along is always a challenge, but icy roads and whiteout conditions make the difficult potentially deadly.

When a freak snowstorm sends Nora crashing into Wilder’s life, will sparks fly or is this billionaire hiding a dangerous secret?

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