Whisper Cove

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Run: Whisper Cove, Book 1

I didn’t know Josh. We’d barely spoken since I’d opened my eyes. He didn’t know me either. I didn’t even know me. Still, the faint sound of his breathing in the next room reminded me I wasn’t alone, that my protector was nearby. I guess when you desperately need a hero, you’ll attach that title to anyone who’ll wear it. He hadn’t turned me away or betrayed me when I begged him not to call the sheriff even though I couldn’t give him a reason why. In my desperate state, that made him my champion. Even so, I was panicked and fighting to remain still while every part of me wanted to run.

It’s okay. You’re okay. He’s right in the next room. He’ll hear you if you scream. He won’t let anyone hurt you.

I repeated those words in my head over and over, but while they kept me from bolting out the door, they did nothing to bring me peace. The night seemed endless. If not for the sound of his breathing and the tick-tick-tick of the clock, I would have thought time itself stood still...

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Hide: Whisper Cove, Book 2

Nothing in the whole world felt better than Owen’s arms. In the early morning moonlight, I lay with my head on his chest, my arms around his waist, and his arms wrapped around my back. He was so big, strong, and protective I never wanted to be apart from him. And I knew in my heart like I knew the sun would rise that morning, he would forgive me for what my mother planned to do to him.

No—he wouldn’t forgive me. He’d never hold it against me to begin with. Just like I could never hold him accountable for what his father and grandfather had done before him. We were different from the people who brought us into the world. Better.

Owen wasn’t just tall, smart, and handsome—he had a soul, and that was a million times more important to me. I’d spent my whole life watching ruthless people destroy each other like pigs fighting in the mud. More than once, I’d been a captive audience, an innocent bystander struck by the filth of the endless feeding frenzy. I’d never been able to protect myself, and maybe I still couldn’t, but I could protect him.

To do that, to spare Owen the pain I’d known, I had to be sharp, strong, and act alone. As I lay there, enjoying the warmth of the only loving embrace I’d ever known, I knew I had to act before I changed my mind. Tilting my head back, I kissed the line of his handsome jaw and slowly rolled away from him...

Burn: Whisper Cove, Book 3

“Avery?” I gazed up at her with a familiar sense of excitement and confusion. “You want me to protect you?” That was the last thing I’d expected her to say.

She sighed. “I just want my life back.” She stared down at me with big, wet eyes. “I’m tired of my world being trashed, Caleb.” She sniffed. “And I’m tired of being scared.”

The exhaustion in her voice ripped my heart apart. I stepped up to the bar and reached up to wrap my hand around her leg. “Come here.”

With a sigh, her hands fell to her sides, and Avery lowered herself onto the bar, resting her lithe arms on my shoulders. The moment I wrapped my strong arms around her, I felt her body shudder with the force of her silent tears. “Okay,” I said softly. “I’ll stay.”


From the moment I made that promise, until the last customer was out the door early the next morning, I thought only about keeping my vow to her.

Fight: Whisper Cove, Book 4

Even if I could have told Daniel about seeing Missy, I wouldn't have. Nothing could have made me ruin the joy that filled the house. I had everything I ever wanted. Daniel and Fin had everything they wanted. We’d all waited so long to be happy. How could I rock the boat?

“We make a good team,” Daniel whispered, letting go of my hand to wind his arm around my back. I started to pull away and then reminded myself what the therapist had said that morning—I didn’t want one horrible moment to destroy all the beautiful ones that lay ahead of me.

I wanted Daniel by my side when I went to bed at night and when I got up in the morning. I was determined not to let my attacker take that away from me. So instead of pulling away, I leaned in. I heard his faint huff of surprise, but he went along with it. Wrapping a second arm around my waist, he rocked me from behind, holding my body tight against his.

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