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Whisper Cove


Run: Whisper Cove, Book 1

She's on the run. He's in the business of saving lives. When protecting her seems impossible, will love win?


Dr. Josh Dalton, Whisper Cove’s lonely resident veterinarian, is returning from another late-night emergency when he stumbles upon an unconscious woman. Determined to help the beautiful stranger, Josh must first prove he can protect her from the menacing shadow that haunts her nightmares.


Hide: Whisper Cove, Book 2

She’s hiding from her family. He’s trying to make Whisper Cove a better place. Will their passions bring them together, or tear them apart?


Secrets and lies have a way of catching up with you, especially when you defy your powerful family. Will the manipulation of those with hidden agendas stop Heather and Owen from finding their happily ever after?


Burn: Whisper Cove, Book 3

She’s not who she says she is. He’s a wounded warrior hiding from the world. When faced with a living nightmare, will they learn they are stronger together before their secrets tear them apart?


When an explosion shatters the peace of Whisper Cove, Avery knows her past has finally caught up with her. Her best friend Caleb returned from war a changed man, one who trusts no one but Avery. Committed to protect her, will his love for her be their undoing?


Fight: Whisper Cove, Book 4

She’s a traumatized doctor. He’s a single dad. Will their fledgling family survive the darkness?


Abby’s damaged psyche has convinced her she doesn’t deserve to be loved. Daniel’s surprise fatherhood to a neglected five year old girl has thrown his life into turmoil. Will caring for Fin bring them together, or tear them apart. 


***Trigger Warning for dark themes***


Whisper Cove: Books 1-4

Whisper Cove is a perfectly peaceful place to start anew... whether you mean to or not. When evil comes, will their passion prove fatal?


Allison LaFleur and Beneva Clark bring you explosive sex, small town intrigue, and romantic suspense in Book 1-4 of Whisper Cove. One-Click it today!

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