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Whisper Cove

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Seaglass Drive: Whisper Cove, Book 1

Paige Carlisle wakes up with no idea who she is or where she’s from.


Dr. Josh Dalton never expected to stumble across a gorgeous woman on his way home from delivering a litter of puppies. The only vet in town, he is called out at all hours, saving an injured woman was not on the schedule.


Scared out her mind Paige doesn’t want anything to do with him when she wakes, until she realizes he is the only thing between her and a whole world she doesn’t recognize.


When the whole town discovers Dr. Dalton has a ‘secret girlfriend,’ suddenly Paige has everyone protecting her from whatever she is running from.


Is evil coming to Whisper Cove? Is anyone safe?

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Driftwood Lane: Whisper Cove, Book 2

Artist Heather Birch keeps a secret powerful men are will stop at nothing to keep hidden. Exiled for knowing too much, she longs for somewhere to belong. When a tragic lovers’ quarrel offers her the chance for escape, she wastes no time losing herself in the sleepy little seaside town. Only, this black sheep is about to discover a tempest lurks just below the Whisper Cove’s placid veneer. 

Owen Kelly is a man of many talents. Lawyer by trade, stoneworker by family tradition, and aspiring savior of his hometown, he’s about to add another feather to his cap--rescuer. When the dashing hometown hero risks his life to save an attractive young woman from a fiery shipwreck, he can’t shake the sense that fate brought the two of them together.

As Owen wages war on outside interests that threaten the town’s way of life, Heather keeps her dangerous secret to herself. Isolated from the life she’s left behind, she has no idea that powers she’s escaped still hunt her down. Blinded by love, Owen couldn’t guess that the woman he’s falling for could destroy everything he’s desperately trying to save.

Will their bond prove stronger than the secrets they keep?

Shipwreck Road: Whisper Cove, Book 3

“Avery?” I gazed up at her with a familiar sense of excitement and confusion. “You want me to protect you?” That was the last thing I’d expected her to say.

She sighed. “I just want my life back.” She stared down at me with big, wet eyes. “I’m tired of my world being trashed, Caleb.” She sniffed. “And I’m tired of being scared.”

The exhaustion in her voice ripped my heart apart. I stepped up to the bar and reached up to wrap my hand around her leg. “Come here.”

With a sigh, her hands fell to her sides, and Avery lowered herself onto the bar, resting her lithe arms on my shoulders. The moment I wrapped my strong arms around her, I felt her body shudder with the force of her silent tears. “Okay,” I said softly. “I’ll stay.”

From the moment I made that promise, until the last customer was out the door early the next morning, I thought only about keeping my vow to her.

Lighthouse Point: Whisper Cove, Book 4

“Oh!” I covered my mouth with my hand, trying to hide my smile. Chocolate batter had dried on Fin’s cheeks and in her hair. The kitchen floor and Nana were also covered. In the middle of the mess, big strong Daniel stood in a flour-caked apron, baking with his little girl.

Even if I could have told Daniel about seeing Missy, I wouldn't have. Nothing could have made me ruin the joy that filled the house. I had everything I ever wanted. Daniel and Fin had everything they wanted. We’d all waited so long to be happy. How could I rock the boat?

Later that night, we tucked Fin into bed. I read Goodnight Moon three times while Daniel rubbed her back until she fell asleep. Then we slowly eased out of bed and walked to the door. Standing there in the glow of her princess night light, Daniel took my hand, and we watched her sleep in silence.

“We make a good team,” Daniel whispered, letting go of my hand to wind his arm around my back. I started to pull away and then reminded myself what the therapist had said that morning—I didn’t want one horrible moment to destroy all the beautiful ones that lay ahead of me.

I wanted Daniel by my side when I went to bed at night and when I got up in the morning. I was determined not to let my attacker take that away from me. So instead of pulling away, I leaned in. I heard his faint huff of surprise, but he went along with it. Wrapping a second arm around my waist, he rocked me from behind, holding my body tight against his.

We stood there watching the slow rise and fall of Fin’s chest, listening to Nana’s quiet growls as she chased rabbits in her sleep. When we were sure they were both deep in their dreams, we linked hands and Daniel slowly led me out of Fin’s room and into his.